Usability – what is it? Basic requirements for site usability!

UZABILITY – is the convenience of the site. This indicator shows how users understand and enjoy your web resource. You should understand that most of the visitors will not wait long for the page to load, will not understand how to place an order or where to find contacts, if it is not clear the first time. They simply leave this page and go to competitors. Therefore, it is especially important to audit usability of online stores and other commercial web projects.

Basic requirements for site usability :

1. Fast loading pages. This indicator can be checked using the services: 

   •  PageSpeed Insights – service for analyzing the speed of loading a site from Google.

   • Webpagetest

   • Pingdom Website Speed Test

2. Correct display in different browsers and with different screen widths ( cross-browser layout ).

3. Website adaptation for mobile devices is one of the most important indicators when evaluating site usability. It depends not only on the conversion of the site, but also its position in the search engines. 

4. Uniform interface style for the entire site ( header, footer, menu, etc. ).

5. If the site is multilingual, when choosing a language, the page should simply reload and not transfer to the main page. 

6. Logo – located in the upper part of the left side. It is clickable on all pages except the main one. When clicked, flips to the main page. 

7. Each page is structured and filled in so that the user on the first screen understands the subject of the web resource ( slogan, pictures, title, etc. ).

8. Pop-up windows should close easily. 

9. Add the “Up” button, if there is none, for instant scrolling.

10. When conducting a site usability audit, also check whether the 404 page is set up as an error.

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