Why, for what and who created Google-captcha ?!

What is a captcha ?

Capcha (Completely Automated Public Turingtesttotell Computersand Humans Apart – a fully automated public Turing test to distinguish between computers and people) is a computer test used to determine whether a user of a system is a person or a computer. The term appeared in 2000. The main idea of the test: to offer the user a task that is easily solved by a person, but extremely complex and time consuming for a computer. As of 2013, about 320 million “captcha” are introduced by users all over the world every day.

The usefulness of captcha against spam!

Captcha by itself cannot stop spammers. On the other hand, this method of protection can create great inconvenience to people. In addition, captcha is abused, for example, file hosting, which brings to the masses the services of captcha recognition and makes it even more inefficient.

Ukrainians have created a unique service to solve Google-captcha!

The developers from Performance-marketing agency Promo.ua announced the launch of a service that automates the passage of graphic captcha and will facilitate the task of SEO specialists, web masters and everyone involved in piercing.

DeepCaptcha – the ability to bypass the protection of Google by recognizing the visual keys with which the search engine “weed out” bots and robots. The service works on the basis of the trained neural networks focused on a certain type of images. Instead of a man, everything is done by a car – quickly, efficiently and accurately. In this article we will reveal the essence of the new product and talk about its chips.

Was there life before DeepCaptcha ?

Let us analyze the work of the SEO-specialist: when checking 10,000 pages, up to 1000 captcha pops up. It takes up to 30 seconds to decode each of them. Thus, more than 8 hours is wasted – just to prove to the car that you are not a robot.

Until today, if it is necessary to parse on “industrial” scales, the issue with captcha was solved with the help of special services. Standard algorithm: the user uploads captcha to the server of the contractor, after which an employee is connected to the work (most often, residents of third world countries), who manually decrypts the code and sends the answer back to the server. From there it is taken by the final consumer. On the one hand, the use of cheap labor makes it possible to reduce the cost of services. On the other hand, the process proceeds with delays, since the speed of work depends on the number of online employees connected. At the same time, unscrupulous employees can sabotage a task or make mistakes, for which they immediately go to the ban.

How it works ?

Finding out the situation on the market, the Big Data SEO team of specialists from Promo.ua agency decided to create an absolutely new product that automates, improves quality, reduces the cost and speeds up the process of solving a captcha.

For half a year, the developers of Parsili images, divided them into categories and trained the neural network to recognize each type of illustration.

The result was a “thinking” automated service that instantly determines the compliance of the image (traffic light, hydrant, window-case, road sign) and the proposed request, after which it clicks on the desired image. There is no longer an extra link in the person of an employee. Thus, the need to use for solving the problem of manual labor is eliminated.

The process takes place in several stages:

• the client sends a link to the server protected by the captcha site and the Site Key to the server;

• using these parameters, DeepCaptcha enters the site and decodes the captcha using artificial neural networks;

• ready solution is sent to the client parser.

The error of this approach is 2%: this is due to the fact that in some cases the search engine can identify the bot and duplicate the protection. In general, automation helps to cheapen the passage of a kind of “Turing test”, eliminate the influence of the human factor and reduce the number of banned IP to zero.

What your business needs !

DeepCaptcha is suitable for data collection and analysis automation services, development will also be useful for marketing agencies, webmasters, SEO-specialists and all users of programs used for parsing (positioners, clusterizers, etc.). The main condition – it must be services that can be connected via API.

Some content was used from the source – korrespondent.net