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Brand book

What is it and what does it eat with?

A brand book is an official company document that describes the brand concept, brand attributes, target audience, company positioning and other data that guide the marketing department and business leaders to build communication with consumers and develop the company as a whole. In addition, the brand book contains a complete guide to corporate identity, which includes a detailed description of the use of each corporate element on various media, both advertising and corporate.

A brand book is a description of the basic elements of identity and brand attributes (essence, position, mission, philosophy, values, individuality). The objective of this document is to systematize all the ideological elements of the brand, create a comprehensively formed picture of the brand, as well as detailed recommendations for its use in order to create a holistic perception of the brand by consumers.

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How to choose a site that suits you?

1. Determine why you need a site

If you know why you are creating a site, consider that you have passed half the way to the successful launch of the resource. See for yourself: understanding the purpose of the site’s existence allows the customer and developer to step by step implement their plans. On the other hand, if you order a site, because it’s accepted, then you risk falling into the trap of “maybe, let’s”. There she is:

– And let’s screw the forum.

– Or maybe in the menu, swap the links “About the company” and “Our products”?

“But what if you play with flowers here and add monograms and ruffles in the basement?”

– Everything is wonderful, thank you very much, but something else is missing, something is wrong.

Of course, you have every right to not worry about the mental health of developers. In the end, they have such a job. But a misunderstanding of the purpose of creating the site and the impasse “maybe, let’s” that follows is too expensive for you. Firstly, you are wasting your time. Secondly, you throw money away. The monograms, the forum and the reordering of links in the menu are unlikely to affect the effectiveness of the resource. Yes there, you simply do not need them.

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Brief – is it necessary or not!?

What is a brief? What tasks does it help to solve and how to compose it correctly? If you interact with people, give instructions, or do assignments yourself, then you are at the address, come in, sit down! Regardless of the field of activity, if you entrust tasks to people, then you probably faced situations where the result did not meet expectations? Why did they not do what I thought? Here are the rascals! Or maybe it’s in you? Maybe there is a small fraction of the probability that the task was posed, let’s say so “weakly”? Congratulations, if you understand this, then it’s one step to fix it and one more step to success, that is, to the brief!

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Полезность капчи против спама

Why, for what and who created Google-captcha ?!

What is a captcha ?

Capcha (Completely Automated Public Turingtesttotell Computersand Humans Apart – a fully automated public Turing test to distinguish between computers and people) is a computer test used to determine whether a user of a system is a person or a computer. The term appeared in 2000. The main idea of the test: to offer the user a task that is easily solved by a person, but extremely complex and time consuming for a computer. As of 2013, about 320 million “captcha” are introduced by users all over the world every day.

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Usability – what is it? Basic requirements for site usability!

UZABILITY – is the convenience of the site. This indicator shows how users understand and enjoy your web resource. You should understand that most of the visitors will not wait long for the page to load, will not understand how to place an order or where to find contacts, if it is not clear the first time. They simply leave this page and go to competitors. Therefore, it is especially important to audit usability of online stores and other commercial web projects.

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