Site Type: Corporate Site

Purpose of creation: attracting a visit to the site, order services, brand awareness.

Site Type: Landing page 

Purpose of creation: a cool Internet solution to increase the sales of your business or to launch a new one.

Site Type: Online Store

Purpose of creation: to provide a convenient tool for selecting and ordering goods and services. Sometimes the target action of a user is to place an order and pay for it from the site, but often receiving feedback is enough — a call, an order (without online payment) or even just a question from the site.

Site type: Site – business card

Purpose of creation: A business card site is a kind of virtual business card: a small site with information that allows you to get an idea of the company’s activities.


“Transport in Your city” 

Purpose of creation: to provide a convenient tool for managing funds on a transport card, replenish, see the flow of funds for public transport in your city.

“Manange your money” 

Purpose of creation: to provide a convenient tool for managing your money.


Purpose of creation: For the convenience of managing bank cards in one application.


Logo — the most important element of the image of the company. It serves primarily to identify the company in the market. What is it for? In order to distinguish the products of different firms within the same industry. A registered trademark protects a company from unfair competition and helps protect its rights in court. In the perception of the consumer, the presence of a logo or trademark of a firm with a well-established reputation is a guarantee of the quality of the goods. Products that do not have a known logo are called noname.

What should be the logo and what should be the requirements for it ?

Some of the main ones: 

  • memorability; 
  • versatility; 
  • originality; 
  • associativity; 
  • expressiveness;
  • functionality; 
  • conciseness; 
  • uniqueness; 
  • scalability.

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