Website design and development

Site - business card

Virtual business card: a small website with information that allows you to get an idea about the activities of the company.

Price: from 50 $


Landing page

We talk about the benefits of a product or service turning a visitor into a buyer.

Price: from 100 $


Corporate website

We love and know how to make websites for businesses of any scale. To solve the most courageous and ambitious business tasks.

Price: from 300 $ 


Internet shop

Sales for vac and purchases for your customers will be pleasant and convenient. You like to sell, and we like to create convenient online stores of varying complexity.

Price: from 400 $



All sites are adapted !




The goal of responsive web design is the versatility of displaying the contents of a website for various devices. In order for a website to be conveniently viewed from device formats and with screens of different resolutions, according to the technology of responsive web design, it is not necessary to create separate versions of the website for certain types of devices. One site can work on a smartphone, tablet, laptop and TV with Internet access, that is, on the whole range of devices.

Logo creation

We develop a logo design for your business, that it was recognizable to your customers and served as an addition to your web product.

Price: from 50 $ 


Design and development of mobile applications

Mobile applications

We create design for applications and develop high-quality and convenient interface of mobile applications for your users and your business.

Price: individual approach

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